The Froguts Dissection Series is an immersive exploration of anatomy and physiology. Froguts currently offer the frog, squid, starfish, owl pellet, cow eye, fetal pig, and genetic lab modules. Each module covers all organ systems in depth, engage users with interactive dissection tools and 3D, and test user's knowledge with quizzes and final test.

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The Froguts Science Adventure Series is a K-6 collection of fun and engaging educational lessons that promote a greater appreciation for the world around us. Each adventure introduces a specific topic and engages the learner with interactive challenges. Adventures include objectives, assessment and where appropriate NGSS alignment.

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Our online dissection simulation demo requires the Adobe Flash plugin. If you do not have it you can get it here. The demo is a light version of our software and will give viewers an idea of the engaging appeal of learning anatomy & physiology as well as other science labs using our software. Our actual simulations are systems based and explore in great depth each organ system and integrate interactive tools beyond those used in this demo.