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Froguts is pleased to announce that our first iOS App is now available in The Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon App Stores. Our first App is the Frog Dissection Module that we originally became know for and now have released with many exciting new features. A full description is below. We look forward to your review and feedback after you have had a chance to dissect a frog in this unique approach. We appreciate any of your efforts to let your readers or members know about our Apps availability and your review of them.

App Name
Froguts Frog Dissection HD for iPad

The Froguts Frog Dissection App is an incredibly realistic 3D simulation of a Bullfrog ( Rana catesbeiana) designed to better facilitate knowledge and comprehension of frog anatomy and physiology.  It can be used as both a stand alone tool and as a training reference for many different teaching styles and learners. The curriculum is divided into two main parts: dissection (dorsal + ventral exploration) and practicums (timed practice + assessment).  We truly hope you enjoy this product. 

*Froguts is a partner and sustaining member of The National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT). 

•Both male and female specimens. 
•10 different practicum models with 4 different modes (timed anatomy, timed physiology, scored anatomy, scored physiology + randomized scored practicums).  
•Tools include: scalpel, forceps, scissors, pins, and microscope 
•Unique 3D engine thats provides realistic graphics 
•Rotate and  Pinch to Zoom details. 
•Interactive organs which provide physiological, textural, and topographical information. 
•Interactive pins which provide anatomical name , physiologic information and other choices.
•Complete audio narration with Closed Caption Text and encouraging feedback. 

If your curriculum requires dissection: 
•Costs less than most dissection manuals. 
•Practice helps procedural understanding . 
•Familiarizes anatomy and physiology prior to dissection, which helps increase retention. 
•Provides an alternative assessment before and afterwards. 

If your curriculum does not include or is opposed to dissection: 
•Provides a safe and ethical alternative. 
•Reduces human impact on frogs. 
•High standard of quality in simulation for in depth understanding of the frog body. 
•Ability to do practicum assessment without having an actual frog practicum.

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The microscope cross section of the tongue. The microscope can zoom in on images by tapping on it or clicking the '+' button.


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A timed practicum is in progress and the pressure is on! Green pins show correct answers and the clock shows remaining time before final score is revealed.


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A pin has been placed and tapped which brings up the contextual menu. Click on the 'i' to learn about the anatomy & physiology of the item and often enables animations of the item, click on the microscope to see slides, or if available click the trashcan to cut and remove the item to learn more about what is beneath it.


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Extensive help available within the App. Our web site will also have additional help, how-to videos, and links to user submitted videos and tips.


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splash screen


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Interactive tools such as the scissors, scalpel, pins, and forceps.


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Another example of a pin that has been placed from the tray into the tongue in this case. Clicking on the pin once it is placed reveals the contextual menu.


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Tongue Slide


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Using pinch-and-zoom reveals high-res images of the frog with all functionality maintained. This is a great way to look at items in detail and select pins that are close together. Zooming in also really shows off animations.


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Opened Frog


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Opened Frog


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The frog is not only zoomable for high-res detail but also can be rotated and tilted in 3D.


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Rotated Frog


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Rotated Frog


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Rotated Frog


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The App includes both the female and male frogs, can you tell which one this is?


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Swiping is also a mobile device action we integrated into the App. Here the mouth and tongue are opened by swiping downwards after the mouth has been cut with the scissors.


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A zoomed closeup of the frog's head.


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Dorsal Frog


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Dorsal Frog